Whangamata Website Design & Development

Trusted Web Design has some great value to offer in this article, here we discuss the best practices for Whangamata web design and Whangamata website development.

You are most likely reading this because you have a business or service operating in Whangamata and you want to either build a website, design one and drive more traffic to your business.

Why be more visible online?

Prioritising driving traffic is the same as driving more customers into your shop or place of business by increasing revenue, staff satisfaction, reducing staff turnover and a host of things that can ensure your business thrives through all seasons.

Whangamata Website Tips & Tricks

This article is going to drop some knowledge bombs on how you can easily rise above the noise, become more relevant and compete against similar companies operating in Whangamata and surrounds, using proper website design and website development content strategies and practices.

Whangamata Consumer Opportunities Online

Often those with booked accommodation are deciding to purchase things to bring on holiday or to buy those items when they get there. For Whangamata to thrive we need more people buying when they get there. That’s where a good website comes in handy.

What do we know about Whangamata?

Whangamata is a small coastal town situated on the Coromandel Peninsula, its summer population is known for swelling up to 60,000 people from its permanent population of 5,500. This change in population is a lucrative opportunity for those that are in business. Often people visiting the area or planning a vacation are searching for products and services to plan, book, purchase or engage with well before they arrive.

Show up on Google geographically

Let’s first talk about how you can easily ensure your website is connected to popular attractions in Whangamata and the holy grail of showing up online when they search for these activities.

10 tips for your Whangamata business website

For starters you are going to want to backlink some quality content on your website to these top 10 things to do in Whangamata;

Backlinking to existing popular online articles for the above activities will ensure that your website is connected to Whangamata. It will tell search engines like Google that your content is relevant, up to date, purpose driven, region specific and most of all authoritative. This will over time ensure you will rank organically in a good position on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

You will need some tools to make these changes, please see article “We Audited 50 websites in Whangamata NZ

Sync to popular Whangamata events

Another popular and successful way to anchor your website online to a specific audience like Whangamata would be to write about popular events or even better, get the events to write about you with a guest blog or perhaps sponsor some prizes for the events. Again, backlinking is the key to this.

Consider these 3 popular Events to get involved with;

1. Beach Hop
2. Nauti Girls Fishing Tournament
3. Joes Farm Music Festivals

Tip: Pulling this off will assist greatly with solid social media content as well.

Connect to existing successful Whangamata websites

Trusted Web Design has researched the most popular websites in Whangamata based on quality of content, traffic, and authority. The top 3 websites you should consider referencing from and backlinking to or from are;

1. Neighbourly
3. Whangamata Info Centre

Showcase value, be a solution locally in Whangamata

The very best way to find your niche, become an expert online or have your business become an expert locally on your product or service is to offer value! Be unique and solve some problems for your customers along the way. Content is all about frequency and recency.

10 Whangamata content ideas

Here are some ideas that you can consider;

1. Offer prizes through local competitions
2. Have a knowledge area on your website offering advice, tips and tricks
3. Gather as many geographically tagged testimonies as possible
4. Thank people online for referrals and compensate for referring
5. Have automated booking systems – yes, we build them
6. Provide discounts to reward loyalty or an action that is important to your business
7. Have guest posts or content
8. Engage in charitable activity
9. Put together a Spotify list in your business name for customers
10. Showcase Google reviews on your website not just Google

Be active locally on social media pages

Local Facebook pages in Whangamata are a great way to strum up some business and stay relevant. Join these groups as your FB business page and post as your business not from your personal profile.

1. Whangamata Notice Board
2. Whangamata Buy & Sell
3. Whangamata’s Original Noticeboard

Paid advertising in Whangamata

Right, that’s enough about backlinking, let’s discuss what opportunities exist in Whangamata for you to start paid advertising. There are a few options, radio advertising and newspaper print advertising.

Local Newspaper
Local Radio

Always measure results

Advertising in Whangamata through radio and print is tricky. We say this because it is very hard to justify the spend on these channels by measuring actual results. For example you spend $2,000, can you tell from your radio advert how many people became customers or made a purchase because of your radio advertising?

Advertising needs to be measurable. If you are going to spend money in this way to reach more customers, you are best to have a cut out coupon in the paper that is redeemed physically, or a radio code or word to claim something off your product or service.

Before you engage in any paid advertising on the Coromandel, we suggest first reading this article ‘We audited 50 websites in Whangamata’.

Trusted Web Design specialises in Whangamata advertising and marketing strategy planning. If you are short on time and want better results for your business contact us today.