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Social media should be conversational and casual. Social media marketing since 2018 has shifted from interruption marketing to relationship marketing. 95% of an addressable market segment is not ready to transact, purchase or buy. If a company constantly targets the same 5% with sales-based content, day after day they are missing out on the 95% that are on social media to be social.

The key to social media is to create relationships and to avoid being transactional. Creating relationships starts with understanding your customers. Understanding your customer starts with identifying their fears, trends and alleviating their frustrations. From there, social media content should add value to the target audience.

To address 100% of an audience instead of 5% social media content should add value and speak to your future customers so that a company is in their hearts and minds.

Frequency and recency of social media content is imperative, so when the addressable 95% target audience is ready and willing to transact the company is their first thought. Companies often make the mistake of producing product orientated content that is sales driven to the 5% when they should be consumer orientated covering the 100%.

Consumer orientated and relationship focused content wins every time. It creates fans, conversations, sharing, referrals, growth, positive reviews, awareness, brand identity and more.