Whangamata Website Audits

Let’s get some disappointing stuff out of the way.

We often see great businesses in Whangamata doing wonderful things and providing incredible service standards. Then we see their websites, oh no! Epic fail! It pains us to see the poor quality representing our Whangamata businesses online.

We wanted to audit a website and show you just how bad it is, but we cannot do that to a business by singling them out. So, we decided to audit 50 Whangamata websites for quality and here are the results.

Whangamata Website Audit Results

1. Only 5 Whangamata websites had SEO applied
2. Only 11 Whangamata websites had back linking applied
3. Only 15 Whangamata businesses were posting to socials frequently
4. Only 8 Whangamata websites are using Geographic location techniques
5. Only 8 Whangamata websites had satisfactory page speed load times
6. 39 Whangamata websites are using pixelated or poor images
7. 31 Whangamata websites are using large file size images slowing their website down
8. Only 4 Whangamata websites are using a newsletter or EDM
9. Only 11 Whangamata websites are using an online booking system
10. 44 Whangamata websites had poor mobile layout or no mobile responsiveness
11. 14 Whangamata websites had an SSL cert, 36 did not
12. 38 Whangamata websites were using free website makers like wix or Square Space
13. 29 Whangamata websites did not have a footer or sitemap
14. 42 Whangamata websites had clinical layouts
15. 29 Whangamata websites had no user journey
16. 21 Whangamata websites had formal proper emails such as .co.nz 29 Gmail etc

There is so much room for improvement, or on a positive note, there exists a lot of opportunity!

As you can see the Whangamata websites that we audited were all quite substandard and failed miserably across the board, we would like to see each and every one of these wonderful businesses raise the bar slightly and be represented online professionally.

If you or your company identifies with any of the above, please contact us today so we can help you develop a strategy to get back on top and stand out. You can visit our YouTube channel called Trusted Web Design (TWD) for some more handy tips.

Whangamata Website Solutions & Software

Trusted Web Design has some recommendations for software, apps and subscriptions that might just make a world of difference for someone operating a website in Whangamata.

Turn Meetings Into Typed Notes

Otter can save time by recording conversations, meetings and more. It types the conversations into handy word or pdf documents.

Manage Tasks Easily

Trello is free task management software that aids businesses big and small to manage tasks visually, it’s a lot like a game of solitaire but instead of playing cards they are labelled to suit you. Staff can be tagged, and documents, videos and files simply dragged and dropped.

Stop Your Competitors From Clicking On Your Ads

Click cease is software that stops your competitors from wasting your budget on Google by clicking your adverts. It’s that simple.

Perfect Content For Dummies

Canva, a very popular app that helps businesses and creators make custom visual images in high quality. Very handy for social media and online marketing.

Endless Photos & Videos

Adobe Stock is a programme that allows access to millions of stock images from all over the world, they have videos as well.

Write & Design Beautiful Emails

Mailchimp is an email service that can be synced to your website to collect emails, send emails and much more. Mailchimp has templates for professional emails.

Understand Website Performance

Google Analytics is free, you embed it to your website to see how your website performs. A good example would be tracking where your visitors are from, what gender they are and how long they spend on a particular page. If people are visiting a web page of yours for only 13 seconds on mobile but 2 minutes on desktop you have a problem on mobile and can fix it!

Control Your Website Content

Google Search Console – let’s say you take our advice for back linking to local businesses and events in our article ‘Whangamata NZ Web Design’ you will want to tell Google to crawl your new content and backlinks. This is done through Google Search Console. If you are a shop and have products on your website that are no longer available, Google Search Console is where you would remove the product from showing up in Google searches.

Send Large Files

Need to send large files that fail on email due to size? We recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive, it’s fast and efficient.

Task Management & Time

Teamwork is like Trello but with more features, it’s another task and staff management tool that incorporates the ability to track task time from staff to manage wages.

Re-Purpose Your Advertising

Meta Pixel (previously Facebook Pixel) gives your business the ability to advertise on Instagram and Facebook to people who have already engaged with your website. This is a remarketing tool, and it is very effective.

Develop A Stategy For Google

Google Ads, this is where you advertise directly on Google and show up on Google for specific search terms and keywords by location. It’s complicated and can be expensive but if done correctly and measured it performs very well.

Make Value Videos

Share your value and your niche or knowledge about your business on YouTube! YouTube is owned by Google, having content on both Google and YouTube greatly assists your businesses products and services to rise up in the ranks.

Professional Screenshots

Skitch is a brilliant tool that assists with labelling screenshots. A quick solution to adding arrows, text and boxes and information to screenshots.

Is Your Website Slow?

One of our favourite tools is the Pingdom Speed Test Tool, it’s a reporting software that can tell you why your website isn’t performing in Google or performing for your customers. Simply head to Pingdom and go to their speed test tool, type in your website, select Sydney server and press go. A customised report will be given to you.

Reports include how slow or fast your website is. It will show you how big your images are and much more. Reports can be sent to your development company as KPI’s for a faster website.