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TWD has had the pleasure of working with many different companies, brands, people, bands and New Zealand celebrities. We value and nurture all relationships with our clients.



Trusted Web Design specialises in keeping tech simple. Becoming New Zealand and Australia’s leading digital agency to companies big and small started with unwavering trust. Our talent is keeping it real.

Custom Design Packages

We specialise in user experience and interface design techniques. Through design, TWD influences conversations with bespoke customer journeys on both desktop and mobile.

Special Integrations

Possibly our strongest point of difference. Our backend development team has the ability to automate software on any scale you need.

Special Integrations

Bespoke Servers & Security System

We build robust personalised dedicated servers for our clients. Greater uptime, no shared RAM, space or memory. Overcharging is a thing of the past.

Database & CRM Management

TWD has a variety of software applications to manage, maintain and increase your database. Our team is trained across many CRM applications and software systems.

Database & CRM Management

In-depth Digital Marketing Assets

Digital marketing is complicated, crowded, noisy and time consuming. Don’t gamble with your budget. Engage our brand building wizards today.


When you sign up to a Trusted Web Design Service Level Agreement, we ensure that your website is always backed up, up to date and secure so you can relax.

Why an SLA

If your website is critical for the success of your organisation, then you need to take care of it. An SLA with us makes it easy and simple.

How It Works

You pay a fixed monthly fee for a custom made TWD SLA that suits your assets, requirements and budget.

Web Servers

Slow loading pages and poor user experience lowers customer acquisitions and penalises your website in search ranking tools such as Google.


Plugins require updating and that comes with risk. With a TWD SLA we will keep all your plugins updated and secure 24/7.

Back Ups

TWD SLA agreements include automated backups of your website 24/7. This allows for you to roll back any changes should any problems occur. No mistake is permanent with this option.


TWD is a safe, start-up friendly company. If you are entering into business for the first time with your products or services, talking to us about your online aspirations is a great start.

We are experts in the start-up world, from market viability assessment tools, consults and audits. We have connections in raising capital, R&D Grants, Intellectual Property submissions and more.