Website Custom Themes

Too often clients come to us with a botched website that is not fit for purpose and functions poorly on mobile and tablet devices.

95% of the time clients have been sold a cheap and nasty theme. A theme is an off the shelf, pre-set website design with a collection of basic plugins.

These themes range from $12.95 – $150. The practice of charging client’s top dollar for a cheap theme is rife and extremely common in the industry. One of TWD’s 2020 clients manages a 4-billion-dollar company in Australia, we completed an audit of their website all to find that the website they paid paid top dollar to have built was in fact a $7 USD theme.

What’s wrong with a theme?

Websites are all about customer journeys, they need to understand their clients, so they resonate with value and purpose. A generic theme cannot possibly do this other than showcase some stock images.

Themes are not made to be mobile responsive; on average 71% of website visitors to any platform visit on a phone, if a website is not mobile responsive it will perform poorly to its audience. Plugins supplied with themes are old and outdated. Plugins provided by a generic theme have limited support from their creators, they are bloated with so much code that they run slowly, affecting google rankings and many other areas.

Next time you are on a website using your phone and its sliding around everywhere, slow loading with desktop styled menu options, small text etc you know it’s a theme.

At TWD we build custom websites, themes, plugins and much more, clients then own a unique platform. We fix websites for clients that have been burnt or sucked into the theme market.