Website Security

Keeping your digital assets safe and secure in 2022 is vital to a successful operation.

Customers and clients alike don’t just want to feel safe sharing and exchanging their data, they expect it. When data breeches happen, social media is very quick to respond, and reputations can be ruined in an instant.

The ever-growing popularity of online eCommerce stores, service-based platforms and community focused websites has set about some standards of security across the board, with regard to syncing marketing subscriptions with large companies like Facebook, Mailchimp, Banks, Payment Gateways and even Outlook.

A good example of this is when a website wants to advertise on Facebook, Facebook will only accept advertising if you have shared your terms, conditions, refund policy and display an SSL certificate in your URL. To receive money for products and subscriptions online that are advertised on Facebook, businesses first need a merchant banking provider, or alternative payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe, they will then only accept your application if you have a certain level of security features, seals and or authentication and a business registration. Security is needed everywhere online today!

Security is not always just about the prerequisites of syncing in unison with larger platforms, it comes down to protection of your online assets. Some platforms we build have test websites, exact duplicates of their live site but for the purpose of running back ups and launching new areas in a test environment prior to going live on a public website.

Trusted Web Design has dedicated, experienced security system developers that build, implement, and manage robust software for all websites big and small. TWD will always include security advice and options when quoting a new project, completing training, or producing SLA agreements.