Custom Plugin Development

Plugins enhance the functionality of WordPress website development and assist in delivering custom web experiences and features.

However, searching the WordPress plugin directory to find the best fit can be a daunting and counterproductive task. At TWD we specialise in custom plugin development solutions.

We listen to your ideas and brainstorm possible methods, accomplishing your goals using automation, design, and code. Custom plugin development personalises your website functionality, freeing you to build your business.

There is a downside to the implementation of standard off the shelf Plugins. Plugins often require updating by the creator. Failure to update to a latest version leaves that plugin and every website it is installed on vulnerable to hackers. Like many, if any custom code has been applied to enhance that plugins performance or suitability to your website the code applied is usually broken when performing the update.

By building your very own plugins with TWD you own the IP, code is tracked, it will never need updating and will limit your exposure to hackers.