Businesses can pay to show up as a result or they can show in results organically. TWD can do both!

SEO for a business is best explained like a solution. Basically, millions of people every day are typing in a question or a problem into Google that they have. When they press enter for the search to begin, up pops the solutions to their problems or the answers to their questions. SEO ensures that you show up as a solution or answer for specific search terms.

SEO is the process of manipulating content for organic traffic. Organic traffic is defined as the term used to describe visits to a website coming from a search engine’s organic results and not paid ads. When users type a query into a search engine (Google), they are presented with a set of results that includes both the pages ranking on the top positions organically and a set of ads (usually denoted with the word Ad) to differentiate them from the organic.

Search engine rankings are a winner-takes-all game. The top three results have click-through rates of 30% – 10% by position nine, that’s dropped to just 2%. SEO is digital marketing and ties into profiling, design, segmentations, user experience, speed and much more.