Scope & Quote Checklist

Engaging other website development companies & asking the right questions

At Trusted Web Design we operate from a place of transparency and honesty. Unbeknown to many companies and businesses, the digital world is crowded with cowboys and cowgirls. The website industry is one of the last frontiers that is totally unregulated.

To add weight to the frequency and recency of unethical web development processes. TWD services at least 2 clients a month where we are engaged to reposess websites from a clients previous developers.

We are often present at legal meetings where clients are negotiating with their legal team, their previous developers, and their legal teams to transfer their digital assets to us.

To keep you safe from unethical web developers and designers we have provided a checklist below for you to use when sourcing competitor quotes for your project.

Quote Sourcing Checklist

Protecting your project from scope creep, additional charges, quality, functionality across devices and ownership, starts with discussing the below points with your developer. Your new developer needs to take written accountability for timelines. Website development is an exchange of time for money.
Do you incorporate timelines and milestones for projects like mine?
Will payment in full be required before my project starts?
Do you provide a scope of works for new projects?
Can you provide a firm date for the completion of my website?
Will you use a theme or pre-designed template for my project?
Will my website be designed for mobile devices and tablets?
Do you have real web designers at your company, creative graphic staff?
Do I have any control over the approval of designs for my project?
Do you have front end developers and back-end developers working for you?
Will my project be outsourced abroad for example India or Philippines?
Will you provide me with Terms & Conditions?
Will I own the IP of my website once complete?
Will I be provided with training and a user manual so I can manage my own website?
Will you charge me for edits to my website in the future?
What ongoing charges will you invoice me for after my project has been completed?
Can I move my website to another provider and developer if I no longer want to use your services?
Have you taken clients to court before over ownership of a website or outstanding invoices?
If you use plugins, have you built them or are they off the shelf open-source ones?
If you use plugins, will they need updating and if so, will the updates break any code requiring more work to be completed and more invoicing from your company?
Is there any task I can complete for you that will save time and money on my project? For example providing the copy?